I introduced myself to my fellow writers in the awakening authors course I’m starting soon. I introduced myself in verse 🙂

I am Simone.
Which rhymes with c’mon, not Ramone.

I’m a flautist, a teacher, a singer.
A mother, musician and mental health advocate.

I devour chai tea, decaf lattes, gin & tonics.
Pumpkin soup, sushi and dusted jelly babies.

I adore cats,
But flee in fear from dogs.

I raised three glorious young men,
And nurtured a magnificent, motherless nephew.

I lost my identity – I’ll build a new one.
I broke – I’ll mend.

I feel joy with wind frizzing my hair, sand beneath painted toes, sun warming my spirit.

I crumble with heartless words, broken dreams, and seeing others in pain.

I feel emotions with an intensity powerful enough to crush rocks,
But ofttimes escape with maladapted coping tools.

I have compassion and determination in abundance.
I yearn to learn the arts of resilience and self belief.

I have always written.
I have never been a writer.

I am happy and sad all at once.
Courageous and fearful.
Young and old.

I have failed.
I have succeeded.

I am a survivor.

I am Simone.

And then when I arrived home, the little prize I won during the seven day challenge arrived – and now I have a lovely pack of writing prompt cards.

My life is taking a turn. Where it’s going and where it stops – is yet to be determined.

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