The Emotional Truth

The universal human need to be needed. The basic human rights of love, care and acceptance. The intimacy of belonging to community. These are the emotional truths I wish to explore. How my needs, rights and sense of belonging have, and have not, been met. The consequences to me, and to everyone I connect with, from my lack of self-love.

I’m the Girl

I’m the girl who loves cats, scrawny or fat, fluffy or flat, cuddly or coy. I’m the girl who loves the jingle jangle of an armful of bangles, and the sweet sentimental memories of an amethyst necklace.

Here I Am

I'm still here guys! It may not seem like it, but I've been working hard on my blog- just not writing posts. I'm prepping the blog to branch out into some little business adventures. Watch this space - it's going to be exciting! In the meantime, my focus will drift back to my memoir, as [...]

I’m Back!

I have consulted the technology fairies and the pixie dust has been waived, the credit card swiped, and I'm back in the land of the cyber living. Phew! I'm also in the land of man flu so nothing of any significance will be gracing my page for a day or two, but I just wanted to say don't give up on me. There are good things to come this year. Really good things. I can feel it in my waters!

Roll on 2019

For me - I feel good about 2019. I choose to believe the worst of my grief and issues are behind me and my journey forward is now much closer to everyone else - ie I'm sure I won't get everything right but I'll try not to make a royal fuck up every time a little snag comes my way. I'm calling resolutions 'goals' this year.