Random Rhyme-day

Friday dawned this early morn’, It found me fresh and feisty. Despite a night of broken sleep, I woke and roused quite nicely. The day began as oft it does, My breakfast brought before me. Devoured perusing morning news, Then washed down with my chai tea. I lounged and lazed and lolled about, Then leapt and rushed to shower….

Fresh as a Daisy

Wallowing around in my little pity party yesterday was very cathartic. I feel fresh as a daisy today. Which is ironic given I had bugger all sleep last night. There never seems to be a direct correlation between the amount of sleep I receive and my energy levels the next day. Bizarrely. I credit a lot…


I know I keep saying this – but I have awesome friends. Beautiful, caring, supportive, empathetic people who choose to be in my world. I love them all to bits! Some of those friends have a strong faith in God. Some don’t believe in God. Some believe in a Higher Power, Angels, or the Universe….