Bye Bye Beautiful Girl

I believe in Angels. I always have. I always will. I don’t believe in God, or religion, but I do believe in Angels. (Yes Grandma… I am allowed to believe in Angels without believing in God – there are no rules when it comes to faith!) Today we scattered my sister’s ashes. She is now at…

Pixie dust & prayers

Today I reached out to friends near and far, asking for good thoughts, prayers, and pixie dust – depending on individual leanings. I am eternally grateful for the thoughts, prayers and pixie dust that were sent skyward bound, into the heavens… Today one of my children faced the legal consequences of making stupid decisions as…


I know I keep saying this – but I have awesome friends. Beautiful, caring, supportive, empathetic people who choose to be in my world. I love them all to bits! Some of those friends have a strong faith in God. Some don’t believe in God. Some believe in a Higher Power, Angels, or the Universe….

Full Function

And if as a society, we nurtured those in the earlier stages of illness, perhaps those “high functioning” addicts and depressives, those people with hidden and invisible mental illness, would feel okay about acknowledging their issues much earlier on. Because the earlier the problem is tackled, the better the outcome.

War of the Words

In recent days, I have become entangled in numerous written altercations. Not attacks on me – but I have been made privy to conversations that have left people in my world feeling professionally or personally maligned. And it left me thinking how powerful the written word is, how easily misunderstood the written word is, and how dangerous it can be.


The recent controversies and hate filled rhetoric of the 2016 American presidential elections, reminded me of an essay I wrote in 2006 as part of my journalism studies. We are all convinced our beliefs are factual and true, yet those beliefs have come from something we’ve read or heard somewhere.  It is a timely reminder…

High Notes

There is a well-known Zimbabwean proverb: “If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing”. Yet until you have truly danced and sung it is hard to appreciate the depth of this statement. Solo singing requires a hefty amount of confidence and perhaps a touch of talent to feel truly…