Shame, Shame, Shame

Apparently I'm a shame magnet. Not sure if I struggle with shame because I'm super sensitive to humiliation, or if I'm super sensitive to humiliation because I struggle with shame. I am quite sure that absolutely nobody is comfortable with public humiliation. Are they? Anyone comfortable with humiliation must have a problem - in my [...]

That Fine Line Between Bravery & Stupidity

I keep receiving lovely messages of support for my blog posts - thank you ūüôā I am very touched by every message, and moreso with the knowledge my innermost waffle is read and appreciated by others. It really is very comforting. I also keep receiving lovely messages saying how brave I am for sharing so openly and honestly. For revealing so many of my ugly truths and personal struggles. Again - I thank you all for the support, but I'm also left wondering, am I doing the right thing?

Mia, Mia, Mia

I need to binge. I want to binge. I'm going to binge ... says Mia ... Why? ... whispers Reason ... Why? We do this every day. It's just the way we are ... says Mia ... It's a bad idea ... whispers Reason ... Bad idea? Fuck off. Just shut up and do it. Get it over [...]

Body Beautiful

I have a body. As I said once before, it has served me faithfully all my years. I have been blessed with strong bones, good teeth, a great immune system and most excellent health. I am indeed extremely fortunate. I was not however, blessed with any confidence in this body. Nature, nurture and the environments in [...]