Fearing Hope

Hope seems like such a positive emotion. Something anyone would want to have and strive for. Something we'd all hope to have and to offer to others. Fear on the other hand - who would want to live with fear, anxiety and the heavy burden it drapes around your neck. There a times though, when [...]

A journey not a destination

When life falls apart, and everything shatters into a million pieces, and you're not the person you thought, and have no idea how to rebuild yourself, or what a rebuilt life will look like, it's impossible to picture a future. As the recovery process begins - be it through pharmacological, psychological, psychiatric or personal support [...]

The Slippery Slope

Relapse. For those of us in recovery from one mental health issue or another, it's a filthy word. Who wants to relapse? There's a classic meme showing the difference between reality and expectations when it comes to mental health recovery - expectation is a nice straight line on a consistent upward trajectory. Reality looks like a ball of wool under siege from a horde of rabid kittens.

Virtual Insanity

After spending three years working on mental health improvement, it really is very galling to accept a slip back into insanity Yet apparently acknowledging the problem is the first step to fixing it. Faced with stressors that are stressful, yet neither unusual nor extreme, I somehow lost my mind completely. Not literally... But behaviourally I [...]

Down Down Down… Then Up We Go

It's 35 days since I touched down on terra firma. Jet lag's done and dusted, the big adventure receding into once upon a time status, and I'm settled back into normality - taking for granted the luxuries of my pillow, my car, and our pristine drinking water. Yet for most of those 35 days, my mental health has been really shit.