When the burden of being a burden becomes so burdensome the burden can no longer be bourne, it's crunch time. Disappear into Wonderland with the big white rabbit, going permanently mad? Or just go - permanently? Or do what needs to be done and reach out? Clearly the latter is the healthier option.

Fearing Hope

Hope seems like such a positive emotion. Something anyone would want to have and strive for. Something we'd all hope to have and to offer to others. Fear on the other hand - who would want to live with fear, anxiety and the heavy burden it drapes around your neck. There a times though, when [...]

Reconciling God

I have found God. Some people reading this will rejoice. Others will wring their hands and wonder what the fuck happened to me. I neither know nor care. My entire life has been spiritually bereft, and it turns out that hasn't been entirely beneficial for my mental health. I grew up without any type of [...]

God, Grant Me The Serenity…

Monday afternoon I presented at the hospital for an overnight admission to have my gastric lap band removed. I wasn't thrilled but was coming to terms with it, and valiantly thinking of it as a turning point in recovery. Which may well be the case. Who knows?


There are many people in my world who have wronged me. No more than anyone else - we all deal with irritating twats, ignorant loudmouths, and just plain rude arseholes. Forgiving the sins - big and small - of others, is a powerful tool that benefits the forgiver more than than the forgiven. At the end of the day, most irritating, ignorant, arseholes are probably blissfully unaware of their foot-in-mouth disease.