I'm mum, messy, moody and manic. A worried writer, carefree cook. Retired flautist and teacher of beautiful young flute players. I buried myself in life and love, babies and busyness, until grief, exhaustion and broken dreams cracked me open like a newly hatched chick. So here I am, piecing my middle-aged butt back together while licking gunk off my fledgling wings and learning to fly again. Welcome to my world.
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Tag: mental health



I have – both literally and figuratively – been swamped. And as it so happens,


Addiction is a bugger of a thing. If it was easy to kick compulsions to


Have I got your attention now? [Apologies to my offspring. If you don’t want to

The Day After

I can hear the inside of my head. There’s a low pulsing hum, pitched at
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