Welcome to the New Year

I used to be gung ho about making New Years' resolutions - now I know better. I am old and wise. But that is not to say this is not a good time to reflect on the year that has been and put behind me those moments I never wish to see again. We all have a few of those - of that I am quite sure. And to look ahead to new beginnings for the year ahead and make plans for both the would-be hedonist who loves to live it up whenever she has the opportunity, and the practical lass who knows we all have responsibilities and that - occasionally - bills must be paid.

Not Broken. Stuck

I've started a course in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and while I'm very early in the process (half way through week one 😀 ) I have already found a lovely little snippet that really resonated with me. And I mean REALLY resonated! I'm not broken. I'm stuck. How simple is that?! After completely falling apart, [...]


I fell off the radar because to be honest, I'm struggling to visit here as I'm not sure it's doing me a great favour. When I think about my blog - and most of what I write in it - I think about mental health issues and food obsessions. Writing has been very cathartic and helpful [...]

Under the Influence

I'm floppy. I woke with a sore neck and throbbing head at 4am, gave in and took drugs at 1:30pm. Now I have no pain but should avoid driving motor vehicles and operating heavy machinery. I hope writing is not considered heavy machinery. I like to think that while under the influence, my creative juices [...]

Reframing Relapse

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've slipped into a period of relapse. I can sit and analyse the how and why until the cows home, but it doesn't make any difference to the result. That's the problem with mental health issues - it's essential to look back and understand how we got here, [...]