Fearing Hope

Hope seems like such a positive emotion. Something anyone would want to have and strive for. Something we'd all hope to have and to offer to others. Fear on the other hand - who would want to live with fear, anxiety and the heavy burden it drapes around your neck. There a times though, when [...]

Time Out

Meditation and mindfulness are the buzzwords of the decade. The practice of taking time out to check in with mind, body and spirit - to let go of the past and future for a few moments - is no longer limited to Buddhist monks, or yogis in search of spiritual nirvana. It's mainstream practice, taught to children in schools and discussed in workplaces, gyms, therapy, and the media.

The Eating Disorder Voice

People with eating disorders often talk about the eating disorder voice that natters away, telling us what to do. Or not. Undermining recovery. Making us doubt ourselves. But I wonder what that means to someone without an eating disorder voice? Or even what it means to other eating disordered people - I doubt we're all the same.

Here I Am

I'm still here guys! It may not seem like it, but I've been working hard on my blog- just not writing posts. I'm prepping the blog to branch out into some little business adventures. Watch this space - it's going to be exciting! In the meantime, my focus will drift back to my memoir, as [...]