Tune In Tune Out

Just like you, I have a voice of wisdom, reason, logic, common sense, knowing, intuition, God - whatever resonates with your personal belief system - but for the vast majority of my life, there is another frequency butting in and drowning out the word I want (and need) to hear. Sometimes the noise of the unwanted station drowns the other out completely - I know it's there, but it can't be heard. Sometimes the station appears clear as crystal. Then it goes again.

Reconciling God

I have found God. Some people reading this will rejoice. Others will wring their hands and wonder what the fuck happened to me. I neither know nor care. My entire life has been spiritually bereft, and it turns out that hasn't been entirely beneficial for my mental health. I grew up without any type of [...]

Too Much

One way or another, we all feel different but some differences are too much while others are celebrated. What is curious, is that sensitivity is rarely considered a positive trait in twenty-first century living. Being sensitive is being different. It's inconvenient for others. Yet if more of the populace was highly attuned to the feelings of others, we'd live in a kinder world.

The Saga of the Stitches

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change... And one of those things is the endless leakage from two of my laparoscopic incisions. So much for in one day and out the next surgery. I'm so freaking tired... Sequence of events.

God, Grant Me The Serenity…

Monday afternoon I presented at the hospital for an overnight admission to have my gastric lap band removed. I wasn't thrilled but was coming to terms with it, and valiantly thinking of it as a turning point in recovery. Which may well be the case. Who knows?