Permanently Temporary

I live in a state of being permanently temporary. I guess we all do to some extent... But since ceasing paid employment at the end of 2017, my routine has been - to put it mildly - flexible. I like it this way. It's very bad for me.


I fell off the radar because to be honest, I'm struggling to visit here as I'm not sure it's doing me a great favour. When I think about my blog - and most of what I write in it - I think about mental health issues and food obsessions. Writing has been very cathartic and helpful [...]

Challenge Accepted

For anyone who hasn't noticed, I have been struggling. Struggling with the concept of recovery. With freedom. With any kind of belief it will happen for me. Of course it can happen for other people! That is a given. But me? I struggle to believe. And without hope and belief, recovery is impossible. Today I was [...]