Bye Bye Beautiful Girl

I believe in Angels. I always have. I always will. I don’t believe in God, or religion, but I do believe in Angels. (Yes Grandma… I am allowed to believe in Angels without believing in God – there are no rules when it comes to faith!) Today we scattered my sister’s ashes. She is now at…

Pixie dust & prayers

Today I reached out to friends near and far, asking for good thoughts, prayers, and pixie dust – depending on individual leanings. I am eternally grateful for the thoughts, prayers and pixie dust that were sent skyward bound, into the heavens… Today one of my children faced the legal consequences of making stupid decisions as…

The Starving Child

Today I awoke to the sight of little brown furry ears resting on my pillow, peering out the window at the rising sun and the clear blue autumn skies. The day held so much hope. Hope can be deceiving. It matters not how, or why, I ended up in a cycle of soul destroying binging and…

Curiosity caught the kids

Becoming a mother was the most beautiful and perfect day of my life – all three times. Motherhood is my calling and I cannot imagine my life any other way. My greatest joys have come from my children.

And my greatest worries.

My Mighty Month: March Week Two

The Mighty are running monthly self-confidence challenges all year. I religiously did the daily writing in January. Was too exhausted to do whatever the February challenge was! But I’m going to drop in late and start the March Challenge. The week one task is:
Make a list of your top five strengths. If you aren’t sure what your strengths are, ask a friend or family member. You can also take the VIA (Values in Action) Survey of Character Strengths.

Heart Open Please Enter

There’s a little glimmer of warmth, burrowing into my chest. And a chink of light, peeking into my spirit. If I listen carefully I can almost hear a heart-warming song. It has taken me awhile to recognise it – the song of hope. Unfamiliar. Really scary. Really positive. Hope.


We’re born to be nurtured.
Unlike most of the animal kingdom, little humans begin life utterly dependent on their caregivers. In a perfect world, we’re raised by loving and caring parents supported by their whole community – it takes a village to raise a child. Perfection is a rare commodity.

30 January

Personal Prompt: Write an instruction manual for taking care of yourself.

Creative Prompt: Plan a surprise party for a friend. Who is the party for, what are you celebrating, where is the event being held and how will you decorate?

22 January

Personal Prompt: Make a list of the negative thoughts you’ve had today, then come up with some positive thoughts to counter them. It’s Sunday. So most of my negative thoughts will be around food. On Sundays I could up a big dinner for all my lovely boys. There’s always eight of us – the four…

17 January

Personal Prompt: Draw your day. Don’t worry about how it looks, you don’t have to be artist to excel at this challenge. I’m not drawing my day. I refuse. I hate drawing. I suck at drawing. I don’t want to draw. You can’t make me. Instead, here is a photo of my day… And I can…

09 January

Personal Prompt: You invented a time machine, but it only allows you to change the events of one day in your past. What would you change and why? Well firstly, yay me. I invented a time machine – an achievement my children always claimed they would make and I beat them to it! Today I am…

V For Vitriol

For many decades, I wondered why on earth anybody would, or could, run a blade across their unscarred skin, and inflict pain, misery and permanent damage. Just why would somebody do that?! Then my life fell apart – and I learned why.