Letting Go

I remember, with absolute clarity, the moment my first baby was placed in my arms. I was lying on the operating theatre table, having a caesarean, tearfully asking if all his fingers and toes were present and accounted for. Then the cord was cut, he was assessed and wrapped, and placed in my arms for my husband and I to adore while the surgeons did what they needed to do. Read More

Who Am I?

sure at many stages we all experience these feelings. When growing from a teenager into adulthood. Or finishing education and going out into the workplace. Becoming a mother. A wife. Losing – and sometimes gaining – family members and friends. When changing directions or moving house. Life is such a precious and fragile thing and for some it may be easy to embrace the changes as they come along – to live in the present and not fixate on the unknown futures. But for me, the great unknown is terrifying. Like someone knocked the earth out from under me and I have no idea where the next landing will be – or how soft it is… Read More