I'm mum, messy, moody and manic. A worried writer, carefree cook. Retired flautist and teacher of beautiful young flute players. I buried myself in life and love, babies and busyness, until grief, exhaustion and broken dreams cracked me open like a newly hatched chick. So here I am, piecing my middle-aged butt back together while licking gunk off my fledgling wings and learning to fly again. Welcome to my world.
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Tag: depression


Week Four

DAY 22 Today I am afraid of recovery. I’ve been in this place before –

Word Therapy

As I may have mentioned once or thrice, I suck at art. And the thought

Week Two

Day Eight Same old, same old. Neither better nor worse. I feel my depression has

Day 12

It’s a wild ride as an inpatient at a psychiatric facility. I can’t honestly say

Day Three

I made it to the clinic and apparently I’m settling in. Well – lots of


I’m consumed with sadness today. I know it’s the stupid drug, but fuck it’s annoying.
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