Girl with the Eating Disorder

I identify really strongly as "the girl with the eating disorder". I need a better identity in order to move past this one... I get asked from time to time what to "do" to help or support me. I'm usually flummoxed by this question. I have no idea how to help myself - how can I provide information I don't know?!

God, Grant Me The Serenity…

Monday afternoon I presented at the hospital for an overnight admission to have my gastric lap band removed. I wasn't thrilled but was coming to terms with it, and valiantly thinking of it as a turning point in recovery. Which may well be the case. Who knows?

A journey not a destination

When life falls apart, and everything shatters into a million pieces, and you're not the person you thought, and have no idea how to rebuild yourself, or what a rebuilt life will look like, it's impossible to picture a future. As the recovery process begins - be it through pharmacological, psychological, psychiatric or personal support [...]