Day 30 of the challenge. I made it! In case you missed it, my challenge was to write for 30 days about my vision for freedom and the reason why I want to recover from an eating disorder. I’ve been a tad higgledy piggledy, but I got here. While I confess not every moment of every […]

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I am recovering. I am not recovered… I am in recovery. This I believe. This I know. My recovery course is ending and while I would love to say I am recovered, that was never going to happen. I can’t recover from 50 years of disordered eating in the space of eight weeks. Unfortunately! Many […]

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I have to eat food. I have to eat food – six times a day. SIX TIMES A DAY!! Fuck… Well to be honest – I don’t HAVE to – it is a choice I’m prepared to make. I am generally very obedient (see grandma!! I really am!!), so if say I’ll do something, I […]

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I introduced myself to my fellow writers in the awakening authors course I’m starting soon. I introduced myself in verse 🙂 I am Simone. Which rhymes with c’mon, not Ramone. I’m a flautist, a teacher, a singer. A mother, musician and mental health advocate. I devour chai tea, decaf lattes, gin & tonics. Pumpkin soup, […]

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Onwards & Upwards

At the start of this 30 day challenge I was determined to write consistently about recovery and freedom – unfortunately I quickly became bored and disillusioned and haven’t been entirely consistent with that particular task. I have written every single day! But it’s not always uber cheery. And part of me certainly resents the necessity […]

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Dare to Dream

I’m away for a night visiting friends. Friends I’ve known so long we’ve become sisters 🙂 This is a quick trip so we can start forward planning for a trip to Europe in 2018. Yes. A trip to Europe in 2018. Cool huh?! We’re thinking at this stage maybe a week in Paris, a week […]

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A Happy Memory [or a few…]

As I feel myself sliding, down, down, down again, I want to make a really concerted effort to focus on ups – not downs. I went for a walk after gym this evening, and for the first 20 minutes I found myself falling into heavy, dark, unproductive thoughts. Then I remembered I’m supposed to be retraining my […]

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Mighty Irony

Oh the irony… I’m in the midst of a 30 day challenge to write a post every day representing positivity and/or freedom from disordered eating. I know – I’ve been wavering a little bit. But I’m trying to be mostly positive! I was sitting here wondering what to write tonight – it has to start […]

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Opening a new door

I’ve been doing a writing challenge this week and discovered I love it!! Really, really love it 🙂 Part of my recovery is looking to the future and finding purpose. Seeing what freedom looks like means seeing a future focused on interesting things – not mental health issues and what I am (or am not) […]

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Eye Opener

Today was an eye opening day. It began as any other Saturday – a late lie-in, snuggling with my husband, watching the sunrise through our bedroom window. With porridge in front of me and a cup of tea by my side, I logged onto my laptop and checked today’s task for the 7 Day Writing […]

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Random Rhyme-day

Friday dawned this early morn’, It found me fresh and feisty. Despite a night of broken sleep, I woke and roused quite nicely. The day began as oft it does, My breakfast brought before me. Devoured perusing morning news, Then washed down with my chai tea. I lounged and lazed and lolled about, Then leapt and rushed to shower. […]

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Fresh as a Daisy

Wallowing around in my little pity party yesterday was very cathartic. I feel fresh as a daisy today. Which is ironic given I had bugger all sleep last night. There never seems to be a direct correlation between the amount of sleep I receive and my energy levels the next day. Bizarrely. I credit a lot […]

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