“Religion is sitting in church thinking about kayaking.

Spirituality is sitting in a kayak thinking about God.”

The articles contained within this part of my blog are not all about God or religion. They are about recovery.

I (and I imagine most people) cannot recover from a mental illness, without some kind of spiritual belief. It is the basis of all 12-step programs – the higher power. A willingness to believe in something greater than ourselves, outside of ourselves. And for me there is also a little bit of exploration of why I am here at all. A philosophical question.

And I don’t know how to fill the lack. I’m not religious per se. And as the above quote articulates so beautifully, the two are not related. They may sit alongside each other. Or not. Atheism and spirituality are not improbable bedfellows – in fact there are scholarly articles arguing atheists are more spiritual than those who espouse great religious piety. And of course scholarly articles arguing the exact opposite. I couldn’t care less about scholarly articles.

I just want to figure out, how to figure myself out.

I’m exploring both spirituality and religion. I’m not sure why. I have found a lot of comfort in simply choosing to believe in God. Do I believe there is any more evidence now that he existed than ten years ago when I was completely agnostic (or possibly atheistic)? No. Evidence not required. I’ve always believed in Angels and I have never had any evidence. The belief simply gives me comfort. So now I find a belief in God is starting to do the same.

My soul searching is about finding hope for my future and my recovery, and connections – to the real world and to my inner self – are a key part. So the people I meet and the places I go