Just a brief Happy New Year and welcome to 2019 post. I think globally we’ve all made it now – right?!

On my new Facebook page I may occasionally be confusing people by mixing up old and new posts. Sorry about that. Just trying to keep you on your toes!

For me – I feel good about 2019. I choose to believe the worst of my grief and issues are behind me and my journey forward is now much closer to everyone else – ie I’m sure I won’t get everything right but I’ll try not to make a royal fuck up every time a little snag comes my way.

I’m calling resolutions ‘goals’ this year.

1. Eat normal healthy meals at vaguely normal times over a 10-12 hour period each day.

2. Relinquish 24 hour snacking and compensatory behaviors (purging, laxatives, restricting, medications etc)

3. Exercise daily. And just generally move more. Feel like I’m getting bed sores…

4. Primary work focus is writing – equally divided three ways: blogging/articles, memoir, masterclass modules. Seven days a week I need to work on at least one of these.

5. Earn money. How? Dunno. Send me ideas. Legal ideas…

6. Become house proud. Clean the damn house from time to time and stop sulking about what a dirty dump it is. Take control of those things I can control.

7. Stop transferring addictions. Deal with the core issue. No more self harm. Impulse buying. Rescuing every stranger in distress. Food numbing. Binging on Netflix. Tearing my feet until they bleed. Whatever thing I think of next. Deal with the issue by thinking/talking/writing about it and using the million mental health tools I’ve learned.

8. Nurture and be grateful for all the relationships in my life. I am truly blessed.

9. Keep exploring my spiritual world. Connect with God. Seek that which is outside of myself.

10. Give myself a break when all these goals don’t run smoothly. Life isn’t perfect and nor am I.

May all of you have a peaceful start to this new year.

Whatever you endured in 2018, you’re still here. You survived. Let 2019 become a year where you learn to become your best self – however that looks for you 🙂

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