In order to successfully publish my memoir next year (hopefully next year)
I need to have people to tell about it.

So in a desperate and shameless act of self promotion, I’ve created an author page on Facebook and I’d be very chuffed if you liked it.

I’m pretty much regurgitating old posts in a random order at this stage so it could be a trip down memory lane for you. Or perhaps you’ll get to read something you missed the first time around. Either way – I’m hoping it’s good for both of us 💪

Feel free to drop me a line and say hi. There’s nothing more exciting than interaction on social media! It is after all called social, not isolated, media.

I’m also open to suggestions for things you’d like to read about. As my recovery continues in a slightly spirally but generally upward trajectory, I’m finding myself with less things to complain about and less angst to expel from my ample bosom. But please keep suggestions vaguely within the vicinity of mental health and life in general – I’m not really qualified to discuss the pros and cons of electric versus solar powered cars. If such a a thing exists…

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