I’m away for a night visiting friends. Friends I’ve known so long we’ve become sisters 🙂

This is a quick trip so we can start forward planning for a trip to Europe in 2018. Yes. A trip to Europe in 2018. Cool huh?!

We’re thinking at this stage maybe a week in Paris, a week in Lucca and a week in Porto. Super cool huh?!

A decade ago I never dreamed I would be planning a trip to Europe. Trying to decide whether we should go to Santorini or Portugal. Trying to decide whether we want a villa in the countryside or an apartment in the city. These are absolutely delightful conundrums to have.

And it’s worth reminding myself, if this dream can come true, other dreams can come true. Grandbabies, purposeful work, financial security. A happy marriage, good health, a writing career.

And freedom. Freedom from anxiety. Freedom from depression. Freedom from disordered eating.

If I can plan a trip to Europe, dreams have come true.

If one dream can come true… the world is my oyster.


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