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Mum, moody, messy, manic. Retired musician and aspiring writer. From dark, sordid, private journaling, this website became my greatest recovery asset for major depression and anxiety, and the eating disorder and self harm behaviours I used to mask them. I imploded like a smashed egg, and from within I've found a fledgling bird, ready to spread its wings and fly. I hope within these pages, you find a moment of connection, truth, revelation and understanding. This is my story. Perhaps it's yours too.
Simone Lisa: Telling Tales

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Books that have been insightful or highly recommended to me

Online articles I’ve found interesting and helpful

Personal blogs of living with, and recovering from, mental health issues

  • Being Aware An inward journey in this outside world
  • Fucking Awesome Bulimics I know
  • Gaudiani Clinic Blog Expert medical care for eating disorders
  • Mental Health Diary The blog depicts daily life as a mental illness sufferer and is uncut, raw & written in the moment
  • NEDIC Guest bloggers on the National Eating Disorders Information Center in Canada
  • Nik Tebbe Her husband of 9 years unexpectedly took his own life, leaving her a young widow. This tragedy brought her to her light. She found the deep spirituality that always resided within her soul, waiting dormant for years but always whispering out to her.
  • The Knight of Steel After a two year struggle with clinical depression he shared a Facebook post about his issues. It was a scary step but a desperate situation. Sharing problems was a last measure, but from there, an amazing blog, community, and book-to-be have grown.
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