We see our souls reflected in the connections we make every day. So choose wisely, for one reflection will fill you with peace, while the other will fill you with doubt.

I struggled with human connections all my life. I’ve also been blessed with incredible people who nurtured me through many of those struggles. What I failed to learn as a child – through a muddled combination of nature and nurture, circumstance and happenstance – I made up for with a personality sewn together with iron will, fearlessness and perfectionism. I desperately wanted to connect with the human race – learn how to hug people, say I love you, I’m sorry, give and receive friendship, cuddles, warmth, love, companionship, support, strength, a shoulder to cry on. And I learned by watching the amazing people I was fortunate enough to cross paths with in the early years after I left home.

In this section of my website I explore relationships – mine, yours, everyone else.

Our relationships with ourselves. Each other. Our pets. Books. Fairy-tale characters. I want to tell you the stories of people you’ve never met. I want to walk up to the homeless guy on the street and hear his story. The old lady drinking coffee alone in the mall. The elderly man in a wheel chair at the nursing home, hanging his head and a tremor in his hand. They have a story. They need a connection. We all need a hand to hold and an ear to listen. Who’s holding your hand? Who’s ear are you listening to? The greatest gift we offer another living soul is the ability to connect with them in a way they feel heard and validated.

Let me hear you and validate you. It doesn’t mean I have to agree with you…