I hold you, in the palm of my hands

You held me, in the palm of your hands, When I was young, red-faced and new. You held my hand, as up I grew, Then held me in your heart. From you I learned a love of words, Of all things wild and all things free. To nurture all the gifts we have, Upon this [...]

Moments in Time

Another thought provoking question in my writing course... What are the five defining moments of your life? How did each one take you to the next step of your journey? Our lives are defined by way more than five moments... But let me see if I can hone it down. I was born So were [...]

The Bodyguard

I am writing my story. Not here - not right now. But on my own and in my own time. It is the project I choose to do in association with the Author Awakening Adventure. As part of the coursework, we choose an angel to watch and guide us as we travel the long, lonely [...]

Soul Questions

I am into the second week of my Author Awakening Adventure - and I finally have the time and headspace to start putting some thought into it, and doing the exercises in the modules. I have just completed module one - all very thought provoking. And I utterly surprised myself by discovering I prefer to [...]


To eat or not to eat. That is the question. Choose. To write or not to write. Choose. Work. Sleep. Play. Choose. Delivered unscathed from the maternal womb. Breathe. Choose. Tentatively totter on tiny tubby legs. Choose. Fall over. Start over. Do over. Choose. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Choose. Failure. Success. Happiness. Sadness. Living and loving a meaningful life. [...]