Answers to the questions

As I search for meaning and purpose, I find myself going back over the writing course I recently completed. There were eight modules and each module included a couple of writing prompts. Perhaps with some exploration, I can shed a little light on the eternal question - who am I? The three soul questions: Who [...]

I’ve Sailed the Seven C’s

I've spent eight weeks safely nestled in a cocoon of Cs - Conviction, Curiosity, Conscientiousness, Courage, Connection & Commitment. And now I add a seventh - Completion. I have completed the Author Awakening Adventure and I'm feeling awakened. Which is a tad ironic as today I didn't wake until noon. When I commenced the course I [...]

That Fine Line Between Bravery & Stupidity

I keep receiving lovely messages of support for my blog posts - thank you 🙂 I am very touched by every message, and moreso with the knowledge my innermost waffle is read and appreciated by others. It really is very comforting. I also keep receiving lovely messages saying how brave I am for sharing so openly and honestly. For revealing so many of my ugly truths and personal struggles. Again - I thank you all for the support, but I'm also left wondering, am I doing the right thing?


There is a magnificent quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson titled, Success. I found it many moons ago, had it printed and laminated, then stuck on the toilet wall for my children to read and absorb. Now the mirror to success is failure. And it is so easy to fear failure. What is failure? To wallow [...]