Moments in Time

Another thought provoking question in my writing course… What are the five defining moments of your life? How did each one take you to the next step of your journey? Our lives are defined by way more than five moments… But let me see if I can hone it down. I was born So were…

Soul Questions

I am into the second week of my Author Awakening Adventure – and I finally have the time and headspace to start putting some thought into it, and doing the exercises in the modules. I have just completed module one – all very thought provoking. And I utterly surprised myself by discovering I prefer to…

The Cloak

There’s a cloak wrapped tight around me. A cloak of grief. A cloak of fear. A cloak of wanton weariness.   Keeping me dry, From tears that threaten to rain. Softening painful memories, That strike like buffeting winds.   My mother. My sister. My grandmother. My familial trinity gone.   Reunited and cleansed of mortal imperfection….

Safe Travels Grandma

My grandmother passed away in her sleep overnight. I’ve been caring for her the past ten years. On Tuesday she woke up, reached out and held my hand and said, “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.” She was 98 2/3. She wrote this poem about me when I was very young. Simone Where…

Why do I do it?

I am coming to the end of an eight week online course for recovery from binge eating and/or bulimia. I am about to commence an eight week online course for transformational writing and author awakening. Both cost money. Neither will return any money to me. So their intrinsic value is about personal growth, not financial…


I introduced myself to my fellow writers in the awakening authors course I’m starting soon. I introduced myself in verse 🙂 I am Simone. Which rhymes with c’mon, not Ramone. I’m a flautist, a teacher, a singer. A mother, musician and mental health advocate. I devour chai tea, decaf lattes, gin & tonics. Pumpkin soup,…

Opening a new door

I’ve been doing a writing challenge this week and discovered I love it!! Really, really love it 🙂 Part of my recovery is looking to the future and finding purpose. Seeing what freedom looks like means seeing a future focused on interesting things – not mental health issues and what I am (or am not)…

Random Rhyme-day

Friday dawned this early morn’, It found me fresh and feisty. Despite a night of broken sleep, I woke and roused quite nicely. The day began as oft it does, My breakfast brought before me. Devoured perusing morning news, Then washed down with my chai tea. I lounged and lazed and lolled about, Then leapt and rushed to shower….

Fresh as a Daisy

Wallowing around in my little pity party yesterday was very cathartic. I feel fresh as a daisy today. Which is ironic given I had bugger all sleep last night. There never seems to be a direct correlation between the amount of sleep I receive and my energy levels the next day. Bizarrely. I credit a lot…

The Gift of Prayer

My private convictions do not stretch to organised religion or belief in a deity. I do however, have very strong personal spiritual beliefs. Religion and spirituality are separate concepts. They may exist concurrently or independently, and are incredibly individual and personal. Imagine what a wonderful world it could be, if universally everyone took comfort in their own beliefs, and offered acceptance to differing viewpoints….


I know I keep saying this – but I have awesome friends. Beautiful, caring, supportive, empathetic people who choose to be in my world. I love them all to bits! Some of those friends have a strong faith in God. Some don’t believe in God. Some believe in a Higher Power, Angels, or the Universe….

Not Your Average Patient

It is not every day you meet a woman with no ears and half a nose. Lucy Henry is not an average patient in the Emergency Department [ED], with her prominent scars from self-inflicted burns. She is one of the forty thousand patients that present at the Royal Hobart Hospital emergency department each year. This 35-year-old blonde is confident and comfortable in herself, despite the life-altering events of the past 13 years. As she relaxes on her sofa, with devoted dalmatian Lottie nearby, she speaks frankly about her experiences as a self-confessed “frequent flyer” in the emergency department.