Little things

I cleaned the toilet today. There was a time when it wasn’t a big deal. Now it is. Now it signals the state of my mental health and indicates where my energy is at. Now it embodies how I’m feeling about myself on a given day. It has been a long time since I cleaned […]

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Feeding Time

It’s easy to know when your body needs food – physical cues are given out. We all know what they are (even when some of use choose to ignore those cues), and we know drinking a glass of water doesn’t make them go away. So feeding physical hunger is easy. As my writing mentor said […]

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Inner Spirit

I recently had a beautiful reminder that no matter how unpredictable the path ahead may seem, I have come so very far from the place I began. It is natural and easy to look back to all that could have been different, and look ahead to all that is yet to be done. This sharing […]

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Relentless Positivity

I recently stumbled across a TED talk by Susan David, titled The Gift & Power of Emotional Courage. If you haven’t seen it, I recommend having a little peak. I’ve watched it three times now – and devoured the transcript. Perhaps to some it seems a well articulated and vaguely interesting talk about  something obvious. But […]

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I don’t have anything interesting or noteworthy to say today, but in the interests of my ongoing recovery, I am making a public accountability statement. I ate more food than I was comfortable with today. I ate different food and at different times to my prescribed meal plan times. I feel uncomfortably full. Probably an […]

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I created a 2018 vision board, and central to the board are two things – angel wings with Freedom written above them, and a quote I just adore. Transformation isn’t sweet and bright. It’s a dark and murky, painful pushing. An unraveling of the truths you’ve carried in your body. A practice in facing your own […]

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Step by step

Step by step I’m maintaining recovery. Little ups and downs, but I feel like I’ve turned a corner. One of those big kind of corners. In the ten days since last I posted, I’ve eaten all the meals on my menu plan. Flexibility has sometimes been an absolute necessity due to external situations. And I […]

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Transition Week

Day 52 I am home 🙂 It’s been a wild ride. My last two days at the clinic were focused on discussing healthy ways of managing my out of control anxiety issues. I had one day of leave cancelled altogether (Sunday) as I couldn’t be trusted not to harm myself. I didn’t even trust myself. […]

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Week Seven

Day 43 Forty three days down. Nine to go. I am ready – but glad to have these last nine days to consolidate what I’ve learned, set up support at home, invent a new life for myself, and gain the confidence to know it’s not only possible for me to recover – or even probable […]

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Week Six

Day 36 Hmm… What to write today? The easier things become at the clinic, and the more confidence I develop in my ability to recover – and stay recovered – the less interesting things I have to share. And it’s not because I only focus on the negative – I promise! It’s because life in […]

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Letters to me

Today’s psychology task – write two letters. One from my body to me. One from me to my body. Here goes: Dear Simone, Thank you for taking the opportunity to read this letter. I appreciate it is going to be confronting but unfortunately there are times when we need to hear a difficult truth – […]

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Week Five

Day 29 Today I’m very sad. I guess it was inevitable. After 25 years of marriage I don’t normally blink an eye when spending time apart from my significant other – but this is different. We’ve been apart a month and will now be apart another 2-4 weeks. Which in the big scheme of things […]

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