Word therapy

As I may have mentioned once or thrice, I suck at art. And the thought of doing art therapy leaves me feeling cold and slightly nauseated. However, it is also true the art therapist is not only a lovely person, but also a very good therapist. Plus she’s nice to me – and by that […]

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Art Therapy

I have to do art therapy while I’m incarcerated as an inpatient. I can’t begin to put into words how much I dreaded this concept. I even told the very lovely therapist how I feel about art therapy. She was very understanding – and surprised. Because no matter how I feel about the activity, I […]

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How small a world becomes when locked away, Be that lock constructed of our own fruition. Sometimes life overwhelms. Sometimes the pain is unbearable. Sometimes we are misunderstood – no more so than by ourselves. The locks come out.   A room. A window. A desk. A bunny.   Rules for food. Rules for clothes. […]

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And the black dog slept

The days were cold, And the skies were grey. The bare branches swaying in the swift brisk wind. Still, the black dog slept. The mirror reflects, The passing of days. And a breast yearning more, for babes long grown. And still, the black dog slept. One bright blue morn, As the sun rose high. No […]

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There is a magnificent quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson titled, Success. I found it many moons ago, had it printed and laminated, then stuck on the toilet wall for my children to read and absorb. Now the mirror to success is failure. And it is so easy to fear failure. What is failure? To wallow […]

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To eat or not to eat. That is the question. Choose. To write or not to write. Choose. Work. Sleep. Play. Choose. Delivered unscathed from the maternal womb. Breathe. Choose. Tentatively totter on tiny tubby legs. Choose. Fall over. Start over. Do over. Choose. Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Choose. Failure. Success. Happiness. Sadness. Living and loving a meaningful life. […]

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The Cloak

There’s a cloak wrapped tight around me. A cloak of grief. A cloak of fear. A cloak of wanton weariness.   Keeping me dry, From tears that threaten to rain. Softening painful memories, That strike like buffeting winds.   My mother. My sister. My grandmother. My familial trinity gone.   Reunited and cleansed of mortal imperfection. […]

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Worst boyfriend ever

He wants me. He needs me. He loves me. He sounds interested and knowing. He rejoices when my heart is singing. His voice is compassionate and caring. He comforts me in my darkest moments. He protects, nurtures and encourages me. He exudes a wisdom and confidence I am in awe of. He wants only the best […]

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My anxiety feels like…

… a thumping heart … a tight chest … short, quick breaths … a knot in my stomach … a swollen throat … heavy eyes … warm feet … a tingle in my ears … a pressure in my forehead … a fuzzy head … a tremble in my hands … and jelly in my legs I […]

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