28 January

Personal Prompt: You sign up for a pen pal and are connected with someone who lives in a country on the other side of the globe. Tell them about your life and where you live.

Creative Prompt: You are on a baking competition and have to make a dessert that will impress the judges. Describe your prize-winning dish.

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27 January

Personal Prompt: Name one thing that scares you? Discuss why it scares you and think of some ways you might be able to minimize your fear. Everything scares me. I’m a big baby… I pick dogs. I’m scared shitless of dogs. I haven’t always been – I used to love them. But now I find them […]

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11 January

Personal Prompt: Name one thing you love that you don’t have time to do anymore. Come up with a plan to try and incorporate that activity back into your life. Well I’m currently unemployed – so time is no impediment to anything I wish to do. However motivation, money and means have stopped me doing many […]

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High Notes

There is a well-known Zimbabwean proverb: “If you can walk, you can dance. If you can talk, you can sing”. Yet until you have truly danced and sung it is hard to appreciate the depth of this statement. Solo singing requires a hefty amount of confidence and perhaps a touch of talent to feel truly […]

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Who Am I?

Who Am I? Really?! When I was young – I thought I knew the answer for sure. Now I’ve turned 50, I’ve found I have no idea. We all have multiple identities. There’s the relationships – daughter, mother, wife, friend, colleague. The day to day – musician, writer, teacher, carer, gym enthusiast. And personality – […]

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