An unnatural state

Relax! Huh?! People keep telling me to relax, take a bit of time out, chill! My massage therapist flops my arm around telling me to relax it. I barely know what that means. I wake during the night with clenched fists and have to actively focus to unclench them. Relaxation does not come naturally to me. […]

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I have Restless Legs Syndrome.
I rarely talk about it. It sounds like a benign and trivial condition everyone experiences at some stage. To some extent that is true, but my restless legs are severe and chronic.
And normally extremely well managed.
Like most problems, there are people who have it much worse. While I have a lot of associated nerve pain, if I take regular medication it’s fine. I rarely notice it and when I do it’s not too bad. In that aspect of my life, I found a little pocket of normality.

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25 January

Personal Prompt: For those living with health issues, if you could cure yourself, would you? Why or why not? I don’t have health issues… Not major, incurable, long term issues. I’m getting older. Does that count? As to whether 50 is “old” – well that depends how old YOU are! If you’re 20 or more years younger […]

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