Bittersweet Spot

I’ve been absent. Did you notice? I noticed. When I don’t write I feel lost. And when I feel lost, I don’t write. As part of my ACT course, I recently did the “sweetspot” exercise. It was very confronting. I’m not sure Russ anticipated that exercise would be as confronting as it was – some […]

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Answers to the questions

As I search for meaning and purpose, I find myself going back over the writing course I recently completed. There were eight modules and each module included a couple of writing prompts. Perhaps with some exploration, I can shed a little light on the eternal question – who am I? The three soul questions: Who […]

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I’ve sailed the seven C’s

I’ve spent eight weeks safely nestled in a cocoon of Cs – Conviction, Curiosity, Conscientiousness, Courage, Connection & Commitment. And now I add a seventh – Completion. I have completed the Author Awakening Adventure and I’m feeling awakened. Which is a tad ironic as today I didn’t wake until noon. When I commenced the course I […]

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In truth…

I feel conflicted. I consider myself very honest. I fibbed a lot as a child – and I’ve read children who lie are often very intelligent. So I’ll accept that for now! However, there came a time (at least 20 years ago) when I decided it just wasn’t worth the hassle, the energy and the guilt, […]

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Moments in Time

Another thought provoking question in my writing course… What are the five defining moments of your life? How did each one take you to the next step of your journey? Our lives are defined by way more than five moments… But let me see if I can hone it down. I was born So were […]

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What did you say?!

Some people are born with a silver spoon in their mouth – so I’ve heard. Me? I was born with a chubby foot in my mouth. And it seems I’m a slow learner. The reason I journal and blog, and became increasingly shy, quiet and retiring over the decades, is I really suck at the […]

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The Bodyguard

I am writing my story. Not here – not right now. But on my own and in my own time. It is the project I choose to do in association with the Author Awakening Adventure. As part of the coursework, we choose an angel to watch and guide us as we travel the long, lonely […]

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Soul Questions

I am into the second week of my Author Awakening Adventure – and I finally have the time and headspace to start putting some thought into it, and doing the exercises in the modules. I have just completed module one – all very thought provoking. And I utterly surprised myself by discovering I prefer to […]

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Safe Travels Grandma

My grandmother passed away in her sleep overnight. I’ve been caring for her the past ten years. On Tuesday she woke up, reached out and held my hand and said, “Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.” She was 98 2/3. She wrote this poem about me when I was very young. Simone Where […]

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I introduced myself to my fellow writers in the awakening authors course I’m starting soon. I introduced myself in verse 🙂 I am Simone. Which rhymes with c’mon, not Ramone. I’m a flautist, a teacher, a singer. A mother, musician and mental health advocate. I devour chai tea, decaf lattes, gin & tonics. Pumpkin soup, […]

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Opening a new door

I’ve been doing a writing challenge this week and discovered I love it!! Really, really love it 🙂 Part of my recovery is looking to the future and finding purpose. Seeing what freedom looks like means seeing a future focused on interesting things – not mental health issues and what I am (or am not) […]

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An unnatural state

Relax! Huh?! People keep telling me to relax, take a bit of time out, chill! My massage therapist flops my arm around telling me to relax it. I barely know what that means. I wake during the night with clenched fists and have to actively focus to unclench them. Relaxation does not come naturally to me. […]

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