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Mum, moody, messy, manic. Retired musician and aspiring writer. From dark, sordid, private journaling, this website became my greatest recovery asset for major depression and anxiety, and the eating disorder and self harm behaviours I used to mask them. I imploded like a smashed egg, and from within I've found a fledgling bird, ready to spread its wings and fly. I hope within these pages, you find a moment of connection, truth, revelation and understanding. This is my story. Perhaps it's yours too.
Simone Lisa: Telling Tales

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The Emotional Truth

The universal human need to be needed. The basic human rights of love, care and acceptance. The intimacy of belonging to community. These are the emotional truths I wish to explore. How my needs, rights and sense of belonging have, and have not, been met. The consequences to me, and to everyone I connect with, from my lack of self-love.

When the Music Plays

Dear Vanessa, My beautiful darling sister – I miss you and I love you. I hear you and remember you every time I hear your favourite songs

Here’s what I remember

Salty tears stream down my face, landing on the corners of my lips before dripping off my chin. The deep magenta flush glowing on my cheeks, a stark contrast to the enormous grey circles appearing beneath my reddened eyes.

I’m the Girl

I’m the girl who loves cats, scrawny or fat, fluffy or flat, cuddly or coy. I’m the girl who loves the jingle jangle of an armful of bangles, and the sweet sentimental memories of an amethyst necklace.


There are many people in my world who have wronged me. No more than anyone else - we all deal with irritating twats, ignorant loudmouths, and just plain rude arseholes. Forgiving the sins - big and small - of others, is a powerful tool that benefits the forgiver more than than the forgiven. At the end of the day, most irritating, ignorant, arseholes are probably blissfully unaware of their foot-in-mouth disease.