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It occurs to me, I don’t have an About Me page. Initially I didn’t bother because I figured, who cares?! Then I realised when I visit blogs I like About Me pages, so I wrote one.

I spent 36 years teaching and performing the flute, then in 2016 resigned from my musical world. I grieve the loss of everything I adored about it, while knowing in my heart it was absolutely time. I was tired and ready to move on. It was a great decision but I miss music enormously.

I’m married to a very devoted, loyal man, who has irritated the crap out of me for more than two decades, while still being my very safe place to fall. We complement each other amazingly well.

When he realises he’s an arsehole, he admits it and does something about it.

I try to return the favour by working with my own flaws. I have the utmost admiration for his strength, intelligence, resilience, loyalty and honesty. Together we have brought into this world, three incredibly smart, sassy, funny, difficult and loving young men. We are intensely proud of them – even when they drive us to the brink of insanity.

I’ve had lifelong struggles with mental health – namely depression, anxiety and disordered eating. However, it wasn’t until I had a midlife crisis and broke apart I realised there had ever been any issues.

Up until then I was expert at numbing emotions, wearing a happy mask, and just plain old ignoring stuff.

I’ve spent the past few years working on myself – often spending more time going backwards than forwards. I’ve had two inpatient stays in psychiatric facilities – both of which saved my life one way or another. I’m now in a head space where recovery is well and truly underway.

In 2008 I started preparing for the end of my music and teaching career by completing a Masters in Journalism. My focus is now on writing about mental health issues, redefining myself as a writer rather than a musician (I’m penning a memoir and a few other projects), and figuring out how to earn a bit of money to support our little family.

Oh – and the snapshot above?

That’s exactly how I look every single day that I put on my favourite clothes, have professional hair and makeup artists doll me up, and find a professional photographer to capture my likeness with perfect lighting, and post-editing of my frown lines. Other than that, I usually look like the photos scattered through the rest of this blog. But I just happen to really, really like this photo.

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