Personal Prompt: Plan your perfect day. What are you doing, where are you going, who is with you?

My perfect day.

Sleep in past 6am – without the assistance of medications.

Wake up with no pain or discomfort and misery.

Wake up feeling energised – not groggy from lack of sleep.

Breakfast in bed – delivered by my husband.

Laze around for an hour or so.

Have a loooong hot shower and wash my hair and then just stand there for ages soaking up the heat.

Go for a lovely walk along the beach.

Meet friends for lunch.

Go shopping for no reason whatsoever with a limitless credit card that I don’t have to pay back.

Go home and hang out in a spa bath for a little while.

Have a lovely family dinner on the deck outside at home.

Go out to the movies with friends.

Have an after movie cocktail somewhere.

Go home and go to bed.

Do it again the next day.

Creative Prompt: Rewrite the plot of your favorite movie as if it were science fiction.

Oh bugger that. I’m not rewriting my favourite movie in any way. I can’t be bothered. It’s stinking bloody hot and my aircon is taking ages to cool my room down.

I don’t even know what my favourite movie is. But here’s a list of movies I’ve loved.

  1. The Green Mile. Brilliant movie. I’ve watched it so many times and I still love it.
  2. Bridget Jones. Just so light and fluffy and pointless and engaging and funny and relatable.
  3. Harry Potter Series. Just a lovely engaging series of films. Light and fluffy etc.
  4. The Dressmaker. Oh my goodness. Probably one of the best Australian films I have ever seen. Ever.
  5. The Intouchables. Actually – I would probably consider this the bestest movie ever made!!! Go see it 😀

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