Words fail me


I have a confession… I am feeling a teensy bit of pride. Pride is something I feel very uncomfortable with – it was considered a lowly, dishonourable trait by most of my family. But I’ve heard on the grapevine, feeling a sense of pride in yourself can be a good thing – just don’t let it go to your head and spill over into a cascade of arrogance.

I have been writing in this blog for a year or so now, and every now and then I get asked to share something with another website. Mostly I send off posts I’ve written here and they edit them (generating a whole pile of typos in the process) then publish. But a couple of times I’ve been asked to write original things that aren’t in my blog – and so I do. And it makes me feel happy. And a little bit proud.

So I thought I would share links to the original pieces I was asked to write 🙂

National Eating Disorders Information Center

Never give up on recovery

Recovery Warriors

Can you recover after a lifetime of struggle?

I’ve become a true recovery warrior: here’s how

And then sometimes my blog posts get edited and published like these 🙂


What this picture says about my eating disorder recovery

The Mighty

Too many to list… but you can visit my author page

And of course sometimes other bloggers stumble upon me and for whatever reason, they reblog my posts – without editing 🙂

A Writer & Her Adolescent Muse

Heart open please enter

Knight of Steel

The household guide to not being a judgmental twat

Perfectly Faded Delusions

Who am I?

Tick tock

Heart open please enter

Things I’m getting right

Ashton Speaks

The household guide to not being a judgmental twat

I know I mentioned the editing thing a few times… But it really bugs me when I send something off with no typing errors and they modify the content to suit their website (absolutely fine and totally expected!) then add in a pile of errors. I wish there was an option to let me read the copy before print. The little OCD perfectionist that resides inside my heart is not happy with its/it’s/its’ errors appearing under my name.

Aside from these little technicalities… I am very chuffed my words have meaning to others 🙂

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