Random Rhyme-day

Friday dawned this early morn’,

It found me fresh and feisty.

Despite a night of broken sleep,

I woke and roused quite nicely.

The day began as oft it does,

My breakfast brought before me.

Devoured perusing morning news,

Then washed down with my chai tea.

I lounged and lazed and lolled about,

Then leapt and rushed to shower.

As happens on a daily base,

I had forgot the hour.

Recovery demands a plan,

For what and when to luncheon.

I stuck to it and felt a hint,

Of pride, and strength, and freedom.

Then as the afternoon approached,

I left to visit grandma.

All hell broke loose the moment that,

I faced her strange demeanour.

Tea and cakes and chocolate balls,

I scoffed in wild abundance.

Washed down with guilt and self loathing,

But quick, I took a fun chance.

I chose instead to stop the hate,

And practice self forgiveness.

Then in a flash I quickly found,

My head had learned to stress less.

I left the home, my head held high,

I felt I’d turned a corner.

For while a slip may oft occur,

It doesn’t last forever.

I toddled home with happy thoughts,

And wandered in the kitchen.

I made a pot of lentil soup,

And ate with good nutrition.

For many moons I’ve sought to find,

The answer to my problems.

It seems to me I’ve finally felt,

A sense of hope and freedom.

The days may come and go with flux,

And all my acts seems random.

But if I just believe I can,

My past I can abandon.


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