31 January

Personal Prompt: List five goals you’d like to accomplish next month. Develop a short strategy that will make each goal a reality.

My five goals for February are…

01. Settle into work & life routine.

02. Get a decent haircut & buy new shoes with my first pay 😀

03. Stop restricting. Stop binging.

04. 15K steps per day

05. Have a happy birthday. And go beyond that date…

Creative Prompt: You’ve been commissioned to create a statue for your hometown. Describe the statue.

Why would someone commission me to create a statue? I can’t draw stick figures… I’m not going to be able to sculpt anything that would be even vaguely interesting…

However, I could perhaps commission someone else to sculpt a statue for my town. Let’s call my town Hobart…

I think our town has done a wonderful job of preserving history, but also has lots of innovative ideas – like MONA and the Antarctic Division, and awesome wineries etc. We make great produce and celebrate lots of environmental strengths like great bushwalking, unique flora and fauna, superb air and water quality. We are also very picturesque. The city has all the benefits of a city (hospitals, museums, cinemas, shopping, etc) but is small enough that if you drive in any direction for half an hour or so, you’ll be in a rural area. And as an island state we have great coastal areas as well as beautiful forested areas that are all readily accessible.

So… My statue needs to blend new/old, urban/rural, food/wine, flora/fauna, and uniquely australian.

How about a statue of a Tasmanian Devil befriending a Tasmanian Tiger. On some kind of plinth that shows a map of Tasmania decorated in an ornate manner with apples, grapevines and truffles. Constructed out of Huon Pine.

There. That’ll do. Any artistic souls want to draw me a picture?!