27 January

Personal Prompt: Name one thing that scares you? Discuss why it scares you and think of some ways you might be able to minimize your fear.

Everything scares me. I’m a big baby…

I pick dogs. I’m scared shitless of dogs. I haven’t always been – I used to love them. But now I find them scary. I think the fear stems from a few things – first my mother was afraid of animals in general, so I learned a bit of fear from her. Second, dad was a runner and saw him knocked down by dogs on multiple occasions when he ran along the beach or the road. And I was also bitten by a dog when I was about 18. I was doing some doorknocking and this dog just leapt through the screen door and bit me on the belly. It wasn’t serious but it scared the shit out of me! Since then I’ve become more and more afraid. The older I get the more afraid I am of everything. As far as minimizing fears? If I’m out and about, I don’t think I could. I just cross the road or keep as far away as possible from any dog. In people’s homes, I’m very careful and don’t approach the dogs – I won’t go in unless the owners are there. Once the dog is settled and okay and happy I’m usually okay – but always slightly wary. It’s a shame really. Because I’m a big animal lover. But dogs are very scary 😀

Creative Prompt: You receive funds to create a non-profit organization. Write a mission statement detailing what your organization stands for.

I’m not writing a mission statement… Sorry…

But I’d start a non-profit organisation that brings music and performance skills to kids in need. It would need lots of ongoing support – both monetarily and from tutors and the community.

But music is so incredibly well known to enhance the learning skills of children – regardless of their ability or even their interest level.

They just need to participate and their brains will be working doubly well.

But unfortunately studying music is often expensive. So an organisation that could offer group and individual performance skill lessons to children would be awesome.

That’s what I’ll do with all my free money. Bring “rich people’s” opportunities to those of lesser means.