25 January

Personal Prompt: For those living with health issues, if you could cure yourself, would you? Why or why not?

I don’t have health issues… Not major, incurable, long term issues. I’m getting older. Does that count? As to whether 50 is “old” – well that depends how old YOU are! If you’re 20 or more years younger than me, it will seem quite old. But if you’re 20 or more years older than me, it will seem quite young! My dad is 83 – but because Grandma is 98, she thinks he’s pretty young! I don’t – I think he’s pretty old 😀

Anyway – here’s a list of my health issues…

1. I have chronic, severe restless legs syndrome. Does that sound like a nothing thing to you? Well you’re wrong!! Before I had access to medications (about eight years ago?) I didn’t sleep at all. Virtually not at all. 20 minutes max here and there. Once I started medications my life changed unbelievably. After a period of time it got worse again and and they added a second medication – I was experiencing pretty bad nerve pain running up and down both legs. As to whether or not I’d cure it? Absolutely! What possible advantage is there in not being able to sit still?!

2. Mental health issues. Good god. I’ve talked about these endlessly… Depression, anxiety, self-harm, eating disorder. Yes – I would kiss them goodbye in a heartbeat. I would however, say that people prone to depression and anxiety, tend to be people that are a lot more sensitive to the world around them – to other people, situations, places. The sights, sounds and smells of the world around them. So I wouldn’t want to lose that sensitivity – I think there is a lot to be learned through it. The other thing I’d note, is that struggle (physical, psychological, financial etc) does often breed tolerance, understanding and empathy. While people don’t necessarily have to have experienced the same condition, struggling in some capacity does open a little window into other peoples’ worlds.

3. Back pain. Yes – I’d be rid of it. Again – what earthly use is there in me experiencing pain?! I don’t have horrendous pain – I know people with much worse pain issues than me. But it is enough that it limits what I do, but more concerning is that it’s getting worse. I’d like to know the root cause so I can at the very least manage that it doesn’t get worse! But I’d like to be back to what I was a year or two back.

That’s about it for me… I don’t have other major health issues that I can think of!

Creative Prompt: Cartoon characters usually have a signature look that never changes. If you were a cartoon, how would you be styled?

If I was a cartoon I suspect I’d have a big wad of frizzy red hair wafting around my head all the time. I’m inclined to look “round” so I suspect I’d have a big moon face or something. I used to have very much an hourglass figure (a very overweight hourglass… but still – that was the shape!) with boobs and hips and not much waist or bum. So that is the shape. Now that I’ve had the breast reduction, I don’t actually know what shape I am?! That’s about it really… Not overly interesting.

Lol! Just found this picture of Jessica Rabbit. I guess that could be a bit like me – only I’m the most unsexy person in the world! But she has poofy red hair and an hourglass figure, and not really a round face… but almost?! Perhaps I need a red sequin dress 😀

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