24 January

Personal Prompt: Describe a time when someone treated you kindly. What made this interaction so special?

Leading up to my hospitalisation last May, as my mental and physical health deteriorated, I was very fortunate to be the recipient of quite a lot of kindness. I feel like I haven’t experienced much kindness in life – but that particular time, when I was more in need of kindness and empathy and understanding and acceptance than ever before – I was graced with much love from many good people. Friends. Family. Therapists.

People took the time to reach out daily and check in on me. They would stop me and ask if I was okay and ask for more details and sit and chat for ages. They would drop everything they were doing when I sent a random text asking if they were busy. These interactions made me feel loved and cared for. I also felt foolish and a burden. But it has made me very conscious of just how fortunate I am to have wonderful people in my tribe.

Creative Prompt: You are part of the first group to settle on Mars and can only bring 10 personal items with you. What do you bring and why?

Off to Mars 😀 Yay! My ten personal items are:

1. My flute. I might be wanting to let my music go, but it is a part of my heart and soul.
2. A fat journal and a packet of good pens/pencils. I need to be able to write. A lot!
3. A big science fiction/fantasy series of books. Like a series with at least ten books in it! So I can read it repeatedly if necessary. Or preferably a box of ten different books – different genres…
4. My cat. Can’t leave him behind!
5. Do we have power?! Let’s assume so… I need my computer backed up with all my photos and writings. And an internet connection 😀
6. My foam roller. I can exercise with practically anything. But the foam roller is the best thing ever for stretching.
7. My pillow. Needs no explanation really.
8. Decent sheets with a high thread count. I’m a bit of a princess when it comes to sleeping…
9. Moroccan Oil shampoo and conditioner. Enough for a lifetime supply I guess! Can’t have frizzy hair on Mars…
10. L’Oreal CC cream. A smoothing foundation and sunscreen all in one. Covers all the blemishes. Won’t need other makeup.