17 January

Personal Prompt: Draw your day. Don’t worry about how it looks, you don’t have to be artist to excel at this challenge.

I’m not drawing my day. I refuse. I hate drawing. I suck at drawing. I don’t want to draw. You can’t make me.

Instead, here is a photo of my day…


And I can tell you all about it – which will be much more interesting than me drawing an incomprehensible stick figure…

I got up early and met a friend and we travelled down to Hartz Peak to do a mountain walk. I’ve done it once before and it’s a glorious walk – so picturesque and peaceful. It’s really gorgeous! And my friend hadn’t done it before so she was keen.

Unfortunately the weather gods hadn’t communicated correctly with the weather forecasters and today’s predicted 26c and sunny until late afternoon did not eventuate where we were. On the contrary, there were howling gale force winds and we were freezing!

A lot of the walk wasn’t stressfully windy, but as we climbed the wind came in and made it rather unpleasant. We ummed and ahhed on numerous occasions about whether or not to continue – but we did. We made it to the peak, took a photo, and powered back down through the winds until we got to the flat, less windy bits.

It is such a shame the weather was crappy, but regardless, I still had a lovely day. Not because I froze my butt off and watched my knees turn purple, but because it was nice to be out with a friend and in the fresh air, and I felt I had to eat properly to do the walk – and keep it down – and I was exercising without any real issue, and I was socialising and I was thinking to myself, I couldn’t have done any of this six months ago so perhaps I am making some progress. And that is very cheering.

It was so lovely to spend the day with a friend. I haven’t done it for quite a while. It is a reminder that life is not about work and stress and health and wealth, but about connections. Having good connections and nurturing them.

Despite the frozen fingers and the headache I will go to bed with, I had a lovely day. And no – I can’t draw my day.

Creative Prompt: Set a timer for 10 minutes and draw the first thing that pops into your head.

As for drawing the first thing that pops into my head – no. That is also not going to happen. But I will entertain you with the first photo I find on my flickr account… Hang on – I’ll be back…

Isn’t he adorable! (left…) That was about 16 years ago… And he is still adorable but perhaps in a different way now.

He has always been passionate about animals and has a very gentle soul, that is usually hidden by bravado these days – but he just loved those guinea pigs. We ended up with so many guinea pigs… When you put the boy guinea pigs in the cage with the girl guinea pigs they do what all creatures do and make baby guinea pigs. And they do that endlessly. Who knew that a guinea pig can conceive within 12 hours of giving birth?! For quite some time, my children were learning a lot about birth and death through watching their guinea pigs. My lovely animal loving son challenged Fireman Sam when he was in Grade Four (not Fireman Sam on television – a real Fireman called Sam who came to talk to the grade four class about fire safety!) When told that in the event of a fire, they needed to get out of the house as quickly as possible, helping any younger children if appropriate, but under no circumstances should they go back for pets. My gorgeous boy put up his hand and said, What makes humans more important than animals? Fireman Sam was a bit perplexed and passed the question on to the class teacher who I think just explained that it was important to get out of the fire as quickly as possible and that they could have a philosophical discussion on the value of human vs animal lives at a later time. I was very proud of my lovely little man on that particular day 🙂 I usually am proud of him!