15 January

Personal Prompt: You have the opportunity to start a new career, what will you do and why?

This is the stage I’m in now… I’ve left my musical career and I am currently unemployed.

If all my wishes come true, I will be a writer. Or write biographies. Or a professional blogger. Or a professional editor.

Professional editor would be my favourite. I’ve left my run too late to do it now though… I’m actually really, really outstandingly good at proofreading and have learned some other editing skills, but I’m unlikely to master the art of it all at this late stage of my life.

I’d like to write and be paid to write though. Any takers? I’m going back to do a second post graduate degree in writing this year. Maybe by the end of the year I will find work in this area 😀

Creative Prompt: You got a book deal! Pick which kind of book will you write (fiction, memoir, etc) and write a brief summary of the plot.

Oh – too easy. I’d write biographies/memoirs. Although I do have a novel in my head that I’d like to write out one day.

Pretty tricky to do a brief summary of the plot for a non existent biography… I have written someone else’s biography already but I’m not writing that here…

My novel… My novel is kind of slightly fantasy based, but also based in the real world. And very feminine based.

A post apocalyptic world where just a select few (as in perhaps 10 thousand humans across the globe) have been rescued and meet with some motherly “angels” who set them some tasks for a thousand years and one person has become immortal for that thousand years and she is destined to watch loved ones age and die in that time frame and all the humans that are rescued have to learn to start from scratch in a new world with nothing but nature to work with – no lipstick, no electricity, no running water, no endless supplies of groceries, no medicines etc.

That’s an absolutely dreadful summary of the plot. But in my head I have a gazillion more details that are far more interesting 😀