14 January

Personal Prompt: Write a thank you letter to yourself. Discuss a time when you treated yourself with care.

Dear Me,

Thank you for having the persistence and determination to keep going with stuff. Even when you don’t want to. Even when you think it’s not going to work out. Even though you can’t be bothered and you think it might be a waste of your time and effort. You do have the determination to follow through with a task – usually… And frequently this stands you in good stead.

While self care is a task that has historically been non existent, and something you find very difficult to do, you do intellectually understand the importance of it and as the years progress, you’re getting better at indulging – particularly with rest and particularly in the last year. While I know you sometimes worry that self care is laziness and self indulgence – and it is possible for one to morph into the other – avoiding self care for fear of becoming self indulgent and lazy is a terrible idea. So when your body needs rest, rest. When your soul needs soothing, soothe. You’ll soon know when you’ve crossed the line. Energy will return – it has in the past and it will again. Patience is a virtue – a virtue you struggle with – and it is worth resting and recouperating and recovering now, because all things have a time and a place, and now is the time for self care. It has been 50 years overdue. Do it now. The rest of the year will take off before you know and this opportunity won’t come again. During the worst of the illness last year, you gave in to rest. Don’t push back too hard too early. It will be okay.

Thank you.
Kind regards,

Creative Prompt: You’ve been casted to be on a reality tv show, which show would you want to be on and why?

Oh for goodness sake… What is it with reality shows?! I don’t like them!! I feel like all the creative prompts this week suck…

The reality show I would like to be cast on would be one in which I bemoan the rise of reality tv shows…

Okay – I thought of one. I’d like to Dancing with the Stars. Problem is – I’m not a star, and I’m never going to be (I don’t have a problem with that…) but I’d love the opportunity to dance with a professional ballroom dancer and get the chance to spend a few months getting awesome at it and then strut my stuff on public television so everybody far and wide can comment on every aspect of my appearance and shape and size and fashion and personality and talent – or lack thereof… But still – I do like Todd McKenney and I’d like to Dancing with the Stars.