Personal Prompt: Write an argument between you and someone else, and include how it can end on a constructive, if not positive, note.

No. I don’t want to. I don’t like arguing and I hate conflict. I don’t argue. Ever. This may seem argumentative, but it doesn’t count when there’s only one person. I’m just arguing with myself. I am prepared to disagree with people at times. Occasionally. If I think it appropriate. And those disagreements never get personal. Because that would be inappropriate. So I am sometimes stand up for myself or offer differing viewpoints, but not if I feel it’s going to become a conflict situation. Because I don’t do conflict. Ever. As I said before.

So – no Mighty Month – I will not write an argument between me and someone else, because I don’t argue. But all conversations and disagreements always end on a positive note. Because that’s respectful, appropriate and not stressful.

Creative Prompt: You are walking down a street and you find a shopping bag full of… Continue the story.

I was walking down the street and I found a shopping bag full of kittens…

Two white ones and two black,
A ginger and a tabby.
Crying for their mother,
And looking rather shabby.

I fed them all some milk,
And brushed their tails up higher.
I put them in a basket,
Where they curled up by the fire.

Called Whiskers, Snow, Augustus,
Blackie, Puss and Mittens.
They joined my little family,
Those gorgeous tiny kittens.

I filled their little tummies,
They played with bouncy balls.
They climbed the leafy branches,
And basked in sunny halls.

They grew all through the autumn,
They grew all through the spring.
They lived with us for seven years,
The lovely little things.

One day a mouse came hunting,
For a little piece of cheese.
But met my six protectors,
Which caused the mouse to freeze.

The kittens started purring,
As they supervised the mouse.
They chased him ’round the kitchen,
And they saved my little house.

Those lovely little fur balls,
That I found out by the road.
Have brought me so much happiness,
My cup just overflows.

Together they will age now,
My faithful little kittens.
Whiskers, Snow, Augustus,
Blackie, Puss and Mittens.

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