Personal Prompt: Freaky Friday! In some weird twist of events, you get the opportunity to trade places with someone for a day. Who would you trade places with and why?

I would trade places with my friend Kat – to give her 24 hour’s relief from all her psychological and physical pain. I know it’s just a day – but I hope that she’d use that day wisely in return! Plus I’d like to see her cows and her dog 🙂

But I’d also leave lots of messages and reminders all over her house and land, reminding her that she’s awesome and that she’s strong and powerful and resilient and that despite the long road she sees ahead of her, she’s travelled a great distance so far. And to just keep on going on.

I’d sneak her awesome camera while I was in her world, and fill it with photos that somehow remind her that she’s amazing. I’d find all the best bits about her and catalogue them in words and pictures and memories. Plus I’d play with her kids all day long because while they might be exhausting, mine are all grown up and I miss those fun play times.

Creative Prompt: You developed the new must-have item of the year. Describe what the item is and how you would advertise it.

I have invented the “doctor in a box” kinda thing that they had on star trek. That medical scanner thing that looks like a variation on a mobile phone that they scan over you and it tells you everything that’s medically wrong.

But mine covers psychological as well as physical maladies.

And it’s very user friendly. Just do it on yourself – do a big scan and then discover if you have a cold or a pimple or cancer or depression or diabetes or a broken arm or herpes or schizophrenia or any of the other gazillion things that can go wrong with the human condition.

And I really don’t think it would need much advertising… Providing it does what I claim, everyone will want one!

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