Personal Prompt: How would you describe yourself? Ask a friend or family member how they would describe you and compare notes.

Gosh… I’ll endeavour to be positive. But this is waaaay outside my comfort zone…

I am 50 years old. I look neither young nor old for my age. I am 168cm tall with red curly hair and hazel eyes. By necessity, my hair is now dyed thanks to Clairol 110. But I am a true redhead with fair skin and tons of freckles. I have a curvy shape, round face and I’m prone to being plump. I exercise at the gym most days and have become reasonably fit and healthy over the past five years. I am quiet and determined and think a lot. I’m usually hyperactive and can be verbacious when it suits me. I’m incredibly loyal and dedicated to those I care about. I care very deeply about my circle of people. I exude an outer confidence that masks insecurities based in abject fear of failure and judgment. I always look for the best in others, and hope others can glimpse the best in me. I love cats, music and cheesecake. I love to bushwalk, sing and read. I am a mother and a musician. I am me.

My friend Kat describes me as: A very funky and attractive 50yo woman! With sparkling eyes and a sweet smile. This lady is amazing, she is sweet, kind, and exceptionally generous with all she has. She is also very discerning and empathetic, a true friend to have. She struggles deeply with her own depression, anxiety, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and eating disorder which she openly and honestly talks about, but she never ever uses her own pain as an excuse to ignore that of others, instead choosing to build them up.

Creative Prompt: You bought a lottery ticket and won $10 million. How will you spend your money?

I often dream of winning the lotto. Should probably start buying tickets…

Invest half the money so we never need to work again. Will five million dollars provide enough interest to not have to work again?!

Spend a million frivolously… House, cars, holiday.

Give a million to our children – put away in term deposits until they’re at least 30.

Have a million dollars each in our bank accounts. So we don’t have to stress about buying groceries etc.

Give away a million to charities and friends.

That’s all ten million taken care of… I think I need more than ten million…

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