Personal Prompt: Set a timer for 5 minutes. How are you feeling right now? Jot down your thoughts, and try to limit yourself to just 5 minutes.

Right now I’m feeling sore and sorry for myself. Woke up feeling tired and endlessly shitty. Remained that way until we got to our walk. Had an awesome lovely time on our walk (for four hours) then felt extremely tired and endlessly shitty the moment I got back to the car.

I have a migraine. A stupid migraine. Again! I had pain radiating up and down my left leg from about halfway to Hartz Peak. And it got worse and worse as we walked. I also ate two dried apricots when we stopped for a snack and a drink. I knew they’d get stuck… When we got to the top of the peak I had to throw them up. That’s about when my migraine started… Took two tablets (maxigesic) while I was up there (once I’d cleared space for them to go down…) and to be honest, the headache wasn’t too bad all the way back. Had some caffeine at a cafe and some more when I got home. But it was getting worse so just took my prescription meds.

My husband was in a lot of pain on the way back. My tolerance and patience levels were non existent… Meanie…

I was also pissed off that he asked me whether I wanted to drive there via a backroad with lots of dirt road, and I said no. And we went that way anyway?! Wtf?! We will be discussing this at a later stage… I was soooo shitty about that.

Oh – my timer went. Gotta stop now. I’m a grumpy bum!!

Creative Prompt: Set a timer for 5 minutes. Write a very short story about your favorite book, movie or tv character.

Short story?! Sooo not in the mood…

The Time Traveller’s Wife – by Audrey Niffenegger. One of my all time favourite books – ever! And not just because the name Audrey Niffenegger is an awesome name!

It is a most gentle and beautiful and complex love story. I love his devotion to her – no matter the age and stage of their lives. I love the complexity of knowing each other at so many different ages. I love the fear of knowing when you will die. I love everything about the book!

I would love to be able to jump around in time – although to be honest, I would not enjoy the uncontrollable aspect of his particular “peculiarity”. And arriving nude all the time would not be the funnest thing… If I jumped back and forth in time I know that it would still be Mick and my boys and my family that I sought out the most. I adore my friends and I’d love to see them again and again, but when contemplating those sporadic visits to another “time”, I would want to see Mick and to visit my boys and to find my mum and sister and other lost people and remind them how much I love them.

I’d also go hunt down some lotto numbers in the future?! Why didn’t he do that?! Or did he do that and I forget because it was so not an integral part of a most beautiful love story?

Every time I think of the book I think of colours – beautiful deep reds and greens and browns – all muted with a lovely instagram filter (much to my friend Kat’s horror…) But it is a book and a story I read “in colour” – if such a thing is possible…  Well it must be possible because I just said so!!

Time’s up 🙂

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